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Paul Sokoloff dogfaces at comcast.net
Tue Dec 21 21:53:05 EST 2004

Hello gentlemen,
    I have been enjoying the conversation here and I agree with Geoff.  As a
relatively new AMer we need to find a hole and call CQ.  The trick is that
the rest of us have to tune the entire band looking for QSOs.
    I had an interesting experience a few Saturday evenings ago.  There were
NO QSOs in the AM window at 10pm.  I called CQ for 30 minutes and got no
response.  What happened to everyone?
    There are a few AM folks here in the northeast who use somewhat
offensive language on the air.  It is really ashame and does give us a bad
name.  Anyway enjoy the bands while we have them.  See you on the air.

73s,  Paul   WA3GFZ

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> > Quote - "...to have a one to one contact but if this were the case then
> > 3880-3890 will only have 6 AM Stations on it at a time."
> > You hit the nail on the head. So I guess, unless I want to break into a
> > one-on-one discussion, even through I may have no interest in what the
> > discussion is about, I should shut down the rig and go and do something
> > else. Unfortunately, my perception of many "AM Windowers" is like timid
> > sheep in a pen with no gate.
> Nothing anywhere says you can not operate AM mode anywhere in the
> phone band your license will allow you to operate.
> There is no "Window", just a calling freq of 3.885.  Same on 10m - the AM
> calling frequency is 29.00.  Just like 146.52, and 52.525Mc, those simplex
> "calling frequencies" are just that, and as soon as you establish contact,
> move off of the calling frequency (where*EVER* you can find a clear spot)
> and move your conversation (phone)/QSO (CW) there.  (CW is allowed
> everywhere still, right? ;-))
> So, if I call CQ on 3.885, and there's an AM conversation on 3.880 and
> on 3.890, I'm gonna go hunt up/down and find a hole somewhere else that
> this station and I can mutually work, together.  I, being the Extra, would
> the other party where he'd be comfortable at.  3.870?  3.875?  3.753.45?
>  I -have-
> a VFO, so it don't matter.
> Speaking of which... Not Having a VFO is no excuse, either.  If you've a
> crystal, you can feed a vfo signal in that same socket.  Even if it's only
> low-
> level output from a ricebox, you can feed a small amount of RF in there,
> make that old rig frequency agile.
> I conlude that the general concession is that a lot of the "local
> on
> 75m is, well.. let's just say it's not fit for mixed company.  Not that
I'm a
> prude,
> but I also get that more gentlemen operate AM than there are Gentlemen on
> most SSB frequencies.  Being polite Gentlemen, and not being diliberate,
> -not- fire up AM QSO's, starting at 3.753 (if the frequency is clear) and
> a pair of guys every 6kc (when possible) and fill the whole cotton pickin'
> with AM.  THEN, when the Sidebanders whine and complain about ALL the
> AM, we -could- say "Fine.  We'll confine ourselves to these 30kc *if* you
> keep your SSB QSO's off of say between 3.860 to 3.890."  But, then that
> us back in a "window" or a box, if you will.  No.. upon further
reflection, I
> believe that operating an AM rig anywhere you're allowed phone operation
> is what the answer is.  Being limited to 3.870/75/80/85 and 90 on 75m
is -not-
> conducive to further growth of our little spectrum of the hobby.
> If we want to 'raise the level of politeness' on 75m, then let's get
AM'ers on
> the band, starting from 3.753, and getting a qso going every 6kc up the
> Getting everyone on, at the same time, is a logistical nightmare, but
a -lot- of
> people have a -lot- more free-time during the holiday season.
> Any suggestions as to when this should happen?
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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