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Rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Dec 22 11:48:01 EST 2004

Seems like a hornet's nest has been stirred up, and I am ONE of those 
that stirred it up.

I won't apologize.

First - I stay away from 75mtrs like the plague.  Too many "lids" whom 
are obviously running WAY too much RF out for "their" local NE area 
"group"!  THEY won't even recognize anyone outside THEIR clique.

Second - the group on 40mtrs that runs in the mornings, always pauses 
after transmitting, to listen for ANY new callers.  Typically "we" start 
from 7283 and go up as needed.

If too many groups are running close, I, and some of the others, will 
sometimes slip our R-390As and/or SP-600 RXs to sideband/CW mode and 
pick up ONE sideband to allow us to be able to listen.  That is sort of 
a RARE thing.

Most of the group are running either home-brew 813 X 813s, T-368s, 
4X250s, BC-610s, and other such rigs.  Mine are BC-610s.  VFO capability 
is VERY much there.

As to the antenna cut to ONE freq, there IS a range of +/- X kc where 
the VSWR is within limits of the TX.  I flip the coax sw to the ME-165 
dummy load, tune the osc to the new RX freq, then flip on plate to dip 
final.  THEN I flip the coax sw to the antenna, touching it up when it 
is my turn - on the fly.

So far "we" haven't had much trouble within the Mid-Atlantic, NE, SE, 
and the East Coast.

All of us try our VERY level best to NOT use more oomph than necessary.  
This can be a "bit" difficult with BC-610s, BUT it IS doable.

I just DON'T see any useful purpose in firing up where I KNOW the SSB 
and Ricebox folks run.  Why aggravate and agitate?

It is a "little" off from my retired military personality, BUT, I have 
no desire to fight and start wars.


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