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Vince Wesa Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Wed Dec 22 18:25:45 EST 2004

The transmitter is at One Long Point the same as his home.  The transmitters 
are in a run down old lodge behind his house.  Nothing special.

Yo might find it interesting that Belgrade Lakes is the mythical "On Golden 
Pond' from the movie...  Now I will tell you why the 'pond' is 'golden'...

This 'high class' place (so called) is the location of the largest 'Septage 
Utilization Site' in the state of Maine.  What is a 'Septage Utilization 
site'; you ask???  A farm when raw human feces is spread to grow hay and or 

Over one million gallons of raw septic tank (and BFI sludge) is spread here 
per year.  The 'pond' is so polluted that even one swim for many folks will 
bring on a bad case of 'swimmers itch'...  they blame it on the Ducks pooping 
in the water...


So let's face facts...  if any one of us were to drink the water from that 
place we all would be babbling idiots like Mr. Baxter...

BTW I'm the Ham that Mr. Baxter (K1MAN) said that Walter Cronkite 'hang out to 
dry'...  NOT TRUE!!!  For that to happen Mr. Cronkite would have to know me 
in one way or the other, facts are facts,  Mr. Cronkite doesn't know me from 

Also, I was taken to court by Mr. Baxter...  I was award this case by 
default...  Mr. Baxter did not want to face me in court...  And for those 
that don't know, Mr. Baxter ALWAYS acts as his own attorney...  he has a fool 
for a client don't you think and an idiot for an attorney!

In one of Mr Baxter's spam editorials he refers to himself as having some sort 
of mental illness...  to the best of my knowledge this is NOT a fact...  
there has been no hearing at any court or order of insanity handed down by 
any judge as of yet...

Thanks for the rant guys... I'm done...

On Tuesday 21 December 2004 03:21 pm, Schichler, Don wrote:
> The transmitter is in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.  It appears to be operated by
> remote control from an undisclosed location.
> 73, Don K2FY

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