[AMRadio] Lowest level modulation

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Wed Dec 22 21:06:44 EST 2004

I would not modulate the oscillator, Steve. You would probably get more
FM than AM. Low level means the early stages of a transmitter. You should
have a buffer stage between the osc and the mod to prevent pulling the
osc during modulation. All stages after the modulator have to be linear.
That means class A for a single tube or class AB or B for push-pull

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 20:51:22 EST StephenTetorka at cs.com writes:
> Hi All:
> As I understand it, low level modulation is anything prior to the 
> amp.
> Therefore, is it possible to modulate the grid oscillator RF input 
> signal - 
> crystal or otherwise - and expect an AM output?
> Next question: how?
> Regards,
> Steve
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