[AMRadio] Antenna Tuner Wonderings

Schichler, Don don.schichler at PaeTec.com
Thu Dec 23 09:44:28 EST 2004

How did you get your dipole up 110 feet?  Is it strung between towers, or do
you have some gigantic trees in your yard?  It took me a long time just to
get mine up 35-40 feet up in my trees using a slingshot-fishing reel combo.

Don K2FY

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The dipole is cut for 80m, but I can load it up on 160 as a quarterwave 
dipole with fairly good results.  It is about 110 ft. high, so the height 
somewhat compensates for the shortness of it on 160.

I use a separate L-network to match the the quarterwave base-insulated 
vertical on 160, which is  my main topband antenna.

73, Don K4KYV

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