[AMRadio] The AM Window

Mark Bell bell at blazenet.net
Fri Dec 24 08:36:34 EST 2004

They go for more than that on the "e" place;

I put up my "temporary" HB 40/80 meter dipole in Dec 1999 just to last
through the winter;  it's still there......  I must confess I broke down and
brought a Carolina Windom last month to replace it.....  just have to wait
for the wx to get bad before I swap antennas....

73 Mark K3MSB

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> What gets me, is that there's some one, or some company, that's
> packaging what results in nothing more than a couple of eye-hooks screwed
> some PVC, an SO-239 on the bottom, a couple of hanks of wire, and 50' of
> and these "dipole kits" are selling for $80.  (That's no typo, that's
> Dollars!)
> As seen at "The Ham Store" in San Antonio (another reason I won't set foot
> the place).
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
> (A fool and his money are soon partying)
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