[AMRadio] WANTED: Source for 312A-1 Grille

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Tue Jul 6 12:03:32 EDT 2004

Why is it Don, that you forget the CRA when you have a need?   The CRA is
the largest and most authoritative Collins organization in the world.


Dave, W3ST
Publisher of the Collins Journal
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
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Collins made the 312A-1 lighted speaker so that hams could build accessory
items into the front grille. The one I have is completely accessorized with
a HAM-M rotor controller, mechanical clock, phone patch and Heathkit SWR
meter built into the grille space. I'd like to get rid of all that stuff and
put in a plain old grille. Does anyone know of a source for a reproduction
grille for this speaker?

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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