[AMRadio] WANTED: Source for 312A-1 Grille

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Tue Jul 6 13:17:30 EDT 2004

Very fine, Don. Thank you for your nice endorsement.

I can get those grills for you.  Let me know.  Advanced Optics Ltd.,
supplier of Collins reproductions, makes these grills for the 270G-2

Dave, W3ST
Publisher of the Collins Journal
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
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I already replied directly to Dave. The CRA and the CCA are great resources
for those of us with Collins gear. I don't have much but I do use these
resources for the few pieces in my possession.

Naturally when looking for any BA parts or manuals or whatever, I think we
all look for "the shortest distance between 2 points." So before posting to
the list, I did check in with both the CRA and CCA. I did contact several of
their members who advertise in the STORE sections of their web sites. But
the results were negative. Only then did I post to the broader list, hoping
for a "hit".

I have visited Dave at the Collins Radio Museum. So I know that Dave is a
true expert with a huge appreciation for boatanchors and Collins equipment.
I'd recommend that visit to anyone interested in boatanchors or Collins

All that being said, the 312A-1 speaker seems to be some sort of orphan in
the collector ranks. So far, I haven't had much luck finding a new grille.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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> Why is it Don, that you forget the CRA when you have a need?   The CRA is
> the largest and most authoritative Collins organization in the world.

Perhaps, because the AMReflector globally encompasses -all- AM and related
boatanchor discussions?

73 = Best Regards

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