[AMRadio] WW II Army Field Sets

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BC 312 receiver with a BC 375 TX were used in half tracks and infantry scout 

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> I'm hoping some of the old timers among you can help me with some
> information.  I'm curious about what sorts of "portable" HF field sets 
> were
> available in the Army infantry during WW II.  I know of some AAF sets, and
> some sets used in tanks, but there seems to be little information on sets
> much smaller than the SCR-299 variety, which used a BC-610/Hallicrafters
> HT-4 as the transmitter.  The SCR-299 was an entire system carried in a
> special communications truck.
> I'm looking for info about something smaller that might be carried as
> something to be set up within a command post.  Perhaps along the lines of 
> a
> Johnson Viking or Globe Champion as a transmitter and a S-40 or HQ-110 or
> HQ-170 as a receiver. Do any of you have info on such a beast, or know of
> someplace I can go to get it? I've looked quite a bit on the web and
> haven't yet found what I'm after.
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