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Hmmmmm....(tongue firmly in cheek) a PhD should be able to do better research.... This is a very popular area for military collectors. There are many of these sets available and vast areas of discussion on the web about them.

The Army sets would be BC-191 transmitter paired with BC-342 receivers for command car sorts of setups. SCR-284 would be in this category too. The backpack set was the SCR-694/BC-1306. The handheld was the BC-611.

The Marine Corps sets would be TBY, TBX-8, SCR-284 and a few others.

The best history of these radios I have seen is in the 3-volume set by Terrett, Dulaney et al. entitled US Army In WWII: The Emergency, Volume 1, The Test, Volume 2, and The Outcome, Volume 3. These are still available from your local USGPO for about $100.

Web sites I would recommend are:





With that as a start, you should be able to find your way. 

Prices on these radios have been going through the proverbial roof. So if you are planning on owning some of these, be prepared for some sticker shock.

Good luck.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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I'm hoping some of the old timers among you can help me with some 
information.  I'm curious about what sorts of "portable" HF field sets were 
available in the Army infantry during WW II.  I know of some AAF sets, and 
some sets used in tanks, but there seems to be little information on sets 
much smaller than the SCR-299 variety, which used a BC-610/Hallicrafters 
HT-4 as the transmitter.  The SCR-299 was an entire system carried in a 
special communications truck.

I'm looking for info about something smaller that might be carried as 
something to be set up within a command post.  Perhaps along the lines of a 
Johnson Viking or Globe Champion as a transmitter and a S-40 or HQ-110 or 
HQ-170 as a receiver. Do any of you have info on such a beast, or know of 
someplace I can go to get it? I've looked quite a bit on the web and 
haven't yet found what I'm after.


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