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To add to all the information you've received...

The HF equipment that comes closest to your requirement of "a   portable set 
that can be carried in 
the back of jeep and lifted by a couple of guys," would be the SCR-284.   
This was a compact (for the time) unit with the transmitter and receiver in one 
cabinet.   Could be mounted in a jeep and run off a dynamotor fed in turn with 
6 or 12 vdc from the vehicle.   Or, set up in the weeds and run off of a hand 
cranked generator.   Widely used in all theaters.   Low powered, though (5 
watts phone, 20 watts CW), and only covered 3.8 to 5.8 mHz.   The BC-1306 
(mentioned by someone else) and the GRC-9 radios were successors, the latter radio 
arriving just at the end of the conflict. 

The various BC-312/BC-191 combinations (SCR-177, 188, 193, etc.) covered a 
wider frequency range but were much bigger and heavier.   To get 160 through 20M 
coverage would have required the BC-610 based SCR-299, 399 and/or 499 systems 
for which one would need a truck (or a small room in the case of the 499).

There were some other sets that come kinda close to your requirement.   The 
JT-350A covered 1.5 - 12 mHz and put out 75 watts.   This was a commercial unit 
the Air Corps went around the Signal corps to bootleg into service.   Nice 
rig but hard to find.   There were also the SCR-506 and SCR-281, both limited in 
frequency coverage and somewhat unwieldy.

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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