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Kim Elmore Kim.Elmore at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 9 23:40:51 EDT 2004

Thanks a *bunch*!

Given the st-up I've created, the SCR-188 would work FB :) So, do you (or 
anyone else) know what would be involved in tweaking the BC-191/BC-312 (or 
the JT-350A) combination to work on 20 m? Is this something a guy back 
then, with a bit of time, could do, or does the BC-191 design simply 
preclude such a conversion?  I ask because the BC-191 has a plethora of 
"tuning units," about whose function I'm not entirely certain.  I'm 
guessing these were exciters. If so, could one of these have been re-tuned 
to cover 20 m and, if *that* could be done, would the PA be able to tune 20 
m?  And I'm completely clueless about the BC-312 receiver, but I thought I 
saw (somewhere) that it could tune up to 18 MHz, which would do the trick 
for receive.

At least these things could also do AM!

Kim Elmore, N5OP

At 07:48 PM 7/9/2004, you wrote:
>To add to all the information you've received...
>The HF equipment that comes closest to your requirement of "a   portable set
>that can be carried in
>the back of jeep and lifted by a couple of guys," would be the SCR-284.
>This was a compact (for the time) unit with the transmitter and receiver 
>in one
>cabinet.   Could be mounted in a jeep and run off a dynamotor fed in turn 
>6 or 12 vdc from the vehicle.   Or, set up in the weeds and run off of a hand
>cranked generator.   Widely used in all theaters.   Low powered, though (5
>watts phone, 20 watts CW), and only covered 3.8 to 5.8 mHz.   The BC-1306
>(mentioned by someone else) and the GRC-9 radios were successors, the 
>latter radio
>arriving just at the end of the conflict.
>The various BC-312/BC-191 combinations (SCR-177, 188, 193, etc.) covered a
>wider frequency range but were much bigger and heavier.   To get 160 
>through 20M
>coverage would have required the BC-610 based SCR-299, 399 and/or 499 systems
>for which one would need a truck (or a small room in the case of the 499).
>There were some other sets that come kinda close to your requirement.   The
>JT-350A covered 1.5 - 12 mHz and put out 75 watts.   This was a commercial 
>the Air Corps went around the Signal corps to bootleg into service.   Nice
>rig but hard to find.   There were also the SCR-506 and SCR-281, both 
>limited in
>frequency coverage and somewhat unwieldy.
>Dennis D. W7QHO
>Glendale, CA
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