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> Ah!  The perfect match!  The ART-13 it will be.

Well, not quite that simple I'm afraid.   If you place your GI in Europe 
there's a problem because the B-29's were not used there.  The 29 was a very long 
ranged aircraft specifically designed to bomb Japan and all were deployed to 
the Pacific theater.   The Navy had a shipboard adaptation of the ART-13 
including a 117 vac power supply and called it the TDZ.   Probably some of these 
kicking around in Europe at the time but we're probably getting a bit far afield 
now as would also be the case of salvaging an ART-13 off a Navy aircraft.

Entirely possible that an event in accordance with your story line could have 
taken place, but the most likely equipment on the American side would have 
been the BC-610.   The '610s were widely used by military personnel on the ham 
bands when these reopened after the war, in many cases with made up calls.      

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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