[AMRadio] Scam

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Tue Jul 13 15:26:37 EDT 2004

I appreciate all the email on this subject.  My sister received an email
from a "gentleman" who wanted to buy her husband's classic Lincoln

Thanks to everyone who sent me advice.

Here is the letter:

> > I live in scotland and i am highly interested in purchasing your 1985
> > Lincoln  Continental Town Car$10500,someone in states is owning me
> > who i wanted to purchace his drive boat before i saw yours,i will
> > him to issue out payment to you in same amount he is owning me to you
> which
> > you will need to deduct your cost after cashing it and send back the
> balance
> > via moneygram to royalfrieght agent,who will come to your location for
> > pickup later.
> >    Please if this is accepted do get back to me with is picture and also
> > your full name,address and telehpone number so that payment can be
> addressed
> > to you.
> >
> > Rev lio ziong
> >

Dave, W3ST
Publisher of the Collins Journal
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association

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