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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jul 14 00:11:32 EDT 2004

The REC protector is probably available from any power company.  Here in the
Sulphur, OK area I am on an REC and called them about it when I first heard
about the unit.  They knew immediately and quoted 50 dollar installation + 5
bucks per month.  They supply protection inside the house for 3 appliances
for the 5 dollars per month and you can have them install more than that.  I
forget the exact details.

I fooled around and haven't had it installed yet then the other day during a
storm we had a hit very close to the house.  I heard the sizzle and the
crack of the bolt immediately.  I am calling tomorrow for installation.  I
am worried because my house is built on fill dirt that is 24 inches above
bedrock just like the telescope installation mentioned earlier.

Call your power company and ask for the sales department.  The unit plugs
into the meter base and is grounded to the ground rod then there are surge
protectors in the house.  If you don't have any luck, let me know and I will
call my REC and get the name and particulars on it.

73  Jim
de W5JO

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> Is your safety ground actually grounded (with a ground rod) at
> the main box, and therein also securely bonded to the neutral
> lead of the incoming utility power? with a #4 wire or better?
> This keeps the lightning voltage which is coming in from from the
> ground, at or near the same potential as your neutral lead,
> thereby minimizing the voltage between GND and NEUT during a
> lightning strike.
> The REC's protector, is it something sold commercially? Sounds
> interesting.
> Patrick
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> From: "Sara & Wayne Steiner" <saw at kans.com>
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> My semi rural home has all wiring , power, telephone and cable
> all under ground.  Over the years there have been several  been
> several cases where I have sustained damage caused by lighting
> strikes in the area. None at the house.  I purchased a surge
> protector from the rural elec co-op which is guraranteed to work.
> The last strike about 1200 ft away put a crater in the ground and
> took out the surge protector which was furnished by the rural
> electric co-op.  They replaced the protector at no cost.  I had
> no damage.
> Before the REC protector, one of my cases of damage was the
> refrigerator wiring harness.  It was toast!. The high potential
> seemed to come in through the safety ground! Didn't trip the
> breaker! I have no explanation.  The potential created by a
> lighting strike induced into under ground wiring is
> huge!  Check with with your elec company for their surge
> protectors, at least they may guaranty their product as mine does.
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