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KC8OPP Roger S. kc8opp at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 16:44:47 EDT 2004


I use a Raytheon RA-250 on 160 and for the VFO I
bought a master oscillator for an ARC-38 from the Fair
Radio Store.  I think that it was around $35.  Inside
this beast is a Collins PTO that tunes 1.75-3Mhz, I
may be off a bit on the freq range.

I built a regulated power supply and added a cathode
follower circuit for the PTO and use it to feed the
grid of the oscillator in the RA-250.  Works great,
very stable and easy to use.

Looked at your web site and saw the RCA, looks great. 
I am in the process of re-working a RCA BTA-1R for
multi band operation.  You can have a look at it here,


I will be using a Kenwood 520 for an exciter for the
RCA.  I have been using this same radio with a HB rig
for the last year and seems to work good.

Good luck with your projects.


--- Neal Newman <groucho at skyweb.net> wrote:
>  Jim Do you have a website up?
> I run a few broadcast transmitters on 160 Meters
> AM.... looking for a 
> crystal replacement to change Frequencys On 160
> meters..  any plans on a 
> VFO for these type Rigs?
> Neal Newman-KA2CAF
> Big Iron  collector
> http://www.angelfire.com/nj4/wttm/rca.html

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