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James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Jul 16 23:51:51 EDT 2004

Well Gang,
I have several PTS signal sources here, and they provide coverage over a
wide range of frequencies at adjustable output levels. I use one as  a
signal source for my RCA BTA-1M, that would be the PTS 040 model. As a 
shop signal source I use the PTS 250 with the GPIB interface for
control. They are stable and highly accurate over their frequency
and no drifting. I know you will say, what a lab instrument, is going to
be expensive, but none of mine cost more than 50.00, they are still easy
to purchase from the Mfr, at their full price, but more and more they
showing up at bargain prices. Well worth the effort to look around for

On the case for the BC-458 VFO used with the Central Electronics 10A-10B
and 20A series, I have two of the modified vfos per the CE manual, they
both work great and do not drift in NORMAL operation. The CE manual
good directions for using them, and applied per the manual they BC-458
a "mixing" signal source is extremely stable signal source.


Info on PTS can be found here http://www.programmedtest.com/
including spec and ratings and current pricing info.

"KC8OPP Roger S." wrote:
> Neal,
> I use a Raytheon RA-250 on 160 and for the VFO I
> bought a master oscillator for an ARC-38 from the Fair
> Radio Store.  I think that it was around $35.  Inside
> this beast is a Collins PTO that tunes 1.75-3Mhz, I
> may be off a bit on the freq range.
> I built a regulated power supply and added a cathode
> follower circuit for the PTO and use it to feed the
> grid of the oscillator in the RA-250.  Works great,
> very stable and easy to use.
> Looked at your web site and saw the RCA, looks great.
> I am in the process of re-working a RCA BTA-1R for
> multi band operation.  You can have a look at it here,
> http://photos.yahoo.com/kc8opp
> I will be using a Kenwood 520 for an exciter for the
> RCA.  I have been using this same radio with a HB rig
> for the last year and seems to work good.
> Good luck with your projects.
> 73's
> Roger
> --- Neal Newman <groucho at skyweb.net> wrote:
> >  Jim Do you have a website up?
> > I run a few broadcast transmitters on 160 Meters
> > AM.... looking for a
> > crystal replacement to change Frequencys On 160
> > meters..  any plans on a
> > VFO for these type Rigs?
> > Neal Newman-KA2CAF
> > Big Iron  collector
> > http://www.angelfire.com/nj4/wttm/rca.html
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