[AMRadio] DX-100

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Jul 18 16:44:36 EDT 2004

Gary, Change the 5V4 rectifier in the DX-100 and see if that doesn't
I was seeing the same thing, and it turned out to be a gassy 5V4.
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Gary Poland wrote:
> Jim,
>   My first experience with the DX-100...looking at it for a friend. It has
> had some fingers in it. The drive control has to be almost full CW before I
> get any grid current then its way high and I have to set the drive control
> back to a normal position for the 5 ma. The driver stage is very touchy and
> the output erratic. Any thing you have would be great.
> 73, Gary
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