[AMRadio] DX-100

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Sun Jul 18 19:19:43 EDT 2004

Hi Gary, et al:

This is the way an oscillator acts. Check to be sure the VFO is not going
in and out of oscillation. It is also possible that the driver or PA is
going in and out of oscillation. Good luck.

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 18:22:20 -0400 "Gary Poland" <gpoland1 at cinci.rr.com>
> I have tried a new 12BY7A and 5763 with no change. With the DX100 in 
> CW and
> the PLATE switch off...I have to run the DRIVE pot fully CW before 
> the GRID
> current shows on the meter. Once peaked with the DRIVER TUNE and set 
> at 5 ma
> all is well until I run the DRIVE pot back down CCW. Then running it 
> back up
> results in no grid current until I max out the pot again. This will 
> also
> occur if I move the DRIVER capacitor off peak. I always have to max 
> out the
> DRIVE pot Really screwy HI HI.
> 73, Gary
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