[AMRadio] DX-100

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Jul 19 21:41:35 EDT 2004


I would suggest you install the neutralizing mod that mimics the Apache.
Drill a hole from the driver/final shield immediately behind the unused
terminal on the "Driver" variable cap.  Install a grommet in the hole.  If
you drill the hole 1/4" the grommet for that hole will work just fine.  Get
a piece of insulated # 14 wire and solder it to the unused connection on the
stator of the cap.  Poke it through the hole and put it near the first 6146
near the front.

Then move the wire away and toward the tube until the unit is neutralized.
I found that the wire in mine is almost directly pointed at the RF choke in
the final.  That stabilized the Grid current.

As for which 40 meter scale to use.  Use the one that begins with 40 meters
and goes up in the bands.  If you use the one on the 160/80 meter scale, you
might tune to a harmonic and have signals out of the band.  On the 160 meter
scale you are multiplying from 160 meters to 40.  On the scale that starts
on 40 meters the VFO is operating on 40 giving little chance for it to have
harmonics out of the ham bands.

Glad you have it going and good job finding those broken wires.  The broken
wire/bad solder joints are perennial problems with equipment furnished as

73  Jim
de W5JO

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>    Thanks to everyone for there DX-100 help. I have the DX-100 going
> It turned out to be a lot of bad solder connections and a few broken wire
> connections. Only problem now is that the grid current is a bit unstable
> will vary up and down about .05 ma on its own.
>    I do have a question regarding the two 40 meter scales on the VFO. The
> one above the 20 meter band is right on. The other one above the 160 and
> meter bands reads 7409 mhz at the 7000 position and about 7250 at the 7300
> position. The remaining alignment of the VFO is fine. What gives???
> 73, Gary
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