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Tim Anderson - AG4XM AG4XM at
Thu Jul 22 09:10:36 EDT 2004

This IS the repeater from the medium voltage feeder to the low voltage
residential lines to get around the transformer.  This is just across the
river from me!  Great Pictures... Thanks!.

Tim Anderson, AG4XM
ARRL KY Section TC

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 I am confused by the Photos.... Besides broadcast/ audio Engineer I am
an  IBEW electrician.
 the thing that confuses Me..where is the Ethernet port and or Fiber
connection to feed this unit with  Data? It has to be connected to the
Network somehow.. My second thought
 is that this Unit is a BPL Repeater.... getting its data from  the
single leg High voltage side through the  long Coupler. then repeated
down to the 220 single phase lowvoltage side...????
this cannot Be a feed souce since I see no Fiber or other Network Connection

David Knepper wrote:

>Don, thanks for the pictures of "doom and gloom."  I sure would hate to see
>something like that in my neighborhood.  I am really concerned that if the
>Republicans stay in office that FCC Chairman Powell will continue to push
>this technology.  Senator Kerry would remove this individual and send him
>the unemployment line, along with his Dad.
>Dave, W3ST
>Publisher of the Collins Journal
>Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
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>>Take a look at this incredible Rube Goldberg Contraption!  Click on "BPL
>>Hi-Res" for close-up photos. Note the electrical tape on the low voltage
>>side.  This junk even beats some ham installations I have seen.
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