[AMRadio] Pix of BPL hardware on utility poles in Cincinnati

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Fri Jul 23 11:16:07 EDT 2004

There are some definate concerns of having GPS on cell phones, but consider 
these 2 scenarios....

Your wife gets carjacked and gets tossed in the trunk or back seat.  She is 
afraid to speak, fearing harm, but is able to dial 911 on her cell phone.  All 
she has to do is establish the connection and the call center operators will 
figure out what is wrong and send help.....

You are on a lonely interstate late at night, blow a tire and wind up upside 
down in a ditch.  Injured, you manage to dial 911 but pass out before you can 
describe your situation.......

I'll trade my GPS location for that free peace of mind any day.


 John,  W4AWM

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