[AMRadio] RE: Pix of BPL hardware on utility poles in Cincinnati

Michael Student w7ms at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 23 20:56:04 EDT 2004

Gosh, I just go the menu on my Sanyo handset and disable the gps location
fuction! Next time I'll brake out the chainsaw.......

                                   TTFN, Mike Student
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> The cellphone GPS can be disabled physically with a bit of care
> and fine tools. Look at the chipsets required, the GPS is a
> separate receiver from the phone, and if you can't get to the
> data path between the GPS and phone processors (because most of
> these are BGA instead of pins now and the trace may be inside the
> multilayer board), then you can always disconnect the filter
> feeding the GPS RX from the antenna. Another attack is to
> disconnect power from the GPS RX. It usually has its own
> decoupling inductors and such. To the controller, it will appear
> 'not installed'.
> See the websites of ST.com, TI.com, Motorola, etc.. for these
> chipsets.
> No boat anchors as a rule for the Amish. They do occasionally
> have a phone somewhere, perhaps in town.
> From: "Merz Donald S" <merz.ds at mellon.com>
> When I went to get a cell phone for my daughter about 2 months
> ago, I was shocked to discover that cell phones now come with GPS
> locators. This is ostensibly a "service" so the company can find
> your phone if you lose it. But, of course, this means that they
> can also find YOU. And it is galling that only the company can
> use the GPS feature, not the cell phone user.
> The Amish life style is looking better and better. Can you have
> boatanchors and be a ham if you are Amish?
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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