[AMRadio] Pix of BPL hardware on utility poles in Cincinnati

Vince Wesa Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Fri Jul 23 18:12:17 EDT 2004

The original design came from an artical from Popular Electronics...  long 
since losted I fear,,, no matter tho because mine has changed so much that it 
is a completely different animal...

The PE carrier current rig used 1@ 12AT7 (one half for audio one half from 
crystal oscillator) and one 6AQ5 for a modulator tube and the other for the 
RF amplifier...  the diagram is on a web site that deals with 'pirate' 
radio... don't remember the URL...  this was a heising modulation unit i.e. 
choke coupled...

Now I perverted it to a single 6C4 xtal osc to a single 6V6 RF and a single 
12AX7 for audio (both ceramic and magnetic inputs) to a class A 6L6 (as 
suggeseted by WA1HLR) modulator to a 15 watt mod tranny...  I really should 
make a diagram ehhh??? perhaps I will look for some CAD software for Linux...


On Friday 23 July 2004 11:37 pm, Cory Hine wrote:
> Do you have a schematic or design info?
> Thanks,
> Cory/AD5QP
> --- Vince Wesa Werber <ka1iic at prexar.com> wrote:
> > Don...
> >
> > I've had a carrier current broadcast station in my
> > home for years....  1,000
> > khz a single 6l6 modulating a 6v6...
> >
> > My reasoning is simple...  I refuse to carry my
> > NC-183 from room to
> > room... :-)  it also serves as a frequency
> > standard...  the late w1fat (Les)
> > ran one on 1000 khz also...
> >
> > 73
> > vince
> > ka1iic

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