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John Coleman wa5bxo at pctechref.com
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Actually, a low Z dynamic microphone or any other low Z microphone of good
quality should work great as long as it has enough output so that you don't
have to turn the microphone gain control, on the radio, all the way up and
shout.  A low Z microphone can run into a high Z input provided there is
enough gain in the radio or enough output from the microphone, but a High Z
microphone will not work into a low Z input with out buffering amps.


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It is I, the persistent poster pest. Now I am looking for a book on basic
electronics and a high Z microphone.

My grandson (in law), KF6ZZW, wants to upgrade his TECHNICIAN license to
a GENERAL class. Instead of memorizing the answers, he wants to learn the
material. We are looking for a very basic book on electronics; something
like " this is an atom, this is an electron, the electron orbits the
nucleus, etc."

We also need a high impedance microphone to go with the SB-100 that I am
fixing up for him.

Thanks ,

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ

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