[AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 6, Issue 45

Byron Lichtenwalner w3wkr at verizon.net
Sat Jul 31 13:51:27 EDT 2004

Hello Mahlon
Thanks for the check list, but no.  I have checked the things you listed,
and they are not the problem I am dealing with at this point.

The cam is well lubricated and the pin passes freely in moving from the
160-80 meter position to the 40 and up position.  there is no engagement of
the pin from the 40-10 meter position to the 11 meter position.  That's why
I was looking for the "official" set up procedure.

I don't know about the height of the cam above the chassis and it starting
position with the vfo switch in the 160-80 meter position.  If I knew that
was right, I could get the lever with the pins set by trial and error.  Just
trying to verify the starting position.

Thanks for the check list.  At least can eliminate some potential problems.

Byron W3WKR
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> Byron,
> I've some experience at this.  Problems I've seen:
> -  Dry/congealed lubricant in the VFO bandswitch shaft bushing (ANY
> friction in the VFO switch will stop the mechanism cold)
> -  Imperfect machining of the drive cam, making the pins bind up instead
> of passing through
> -  Height/depth of the drive cam set wrong
> -  Drive arm too far away or too close to the drive cam
> -  Registration off (e.g. VFO set for 11 meters when the rest of the
> bandswitch isn't).  The VFO switch has three positions:  160, 80 thru
> 10, and 11.
> -  Broken VFO switch (God forbid)
> Is your problem any of these?  I have a Ranger assembly manual that
> contains the complete set-up procedure for this, but lets try to
> eliminate the obvious first.  Your problem is solvable so long as
> nothing is broken
> regards,
> Mahlon - K4OQ
> ps:  Have any of you ever seen one of the Johnson assembly manuals?  How
> anyone ever managed to assemble a Ranger or a Valiant with this
> information is beyond me.
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> > Hello Friend
> > I am in the process of restoring a Ranger I.  The bandswitch does not
switch to the 11 meter position at the last clockwise click of the
bandswitch.  Is there a prescribed set-up procedure for this mechanical
> >
> > Byron, W3WKR
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