[AMRadio] Tower Construction

Larry Saletzki wa9vrh at mtco.com
Sun Jun 13 20:28:58 EDT 2004

Hi Brian,
I am happy to report that Rohn and their products are not dead. A company
called Radian bought out Rohn.
See: http://www.rohnnet.com/   for more information. The best news is they
are restarting the old Rohn manufacturing plant in the Peoria, Il. area. If
I remember correctly someone else bought out Rohn's galvanizing facility
here in the Peoria area. (I believe it was someone from the Chicago area but
could stand to be corrected)  So Radian is having this company do their
galvanizing. (again this could stand to be corrected)
This link will take you to the original Rohn catalog:

Hope this helps.   How many of you remember that Rohn made a crank up
tower?? I was interested in buying one a few years ago but when I called
Rohn they would not admit having built one. I finally got some documentation
on the one I was interested in. It was not rated very high for windload for
it's size so I passed on it. Later I acquired a number of old QST's that had
a number of ads in them for Rohn crank ups. They must have had some serious
issues with them.
73 Larry WA9VRH

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> I know that with the Rohn 25G they recommend no more than three sections
> without guys.  Not sure on the 55G, but it might be on someone's web site.
> I heard Rohn went out of business which is a D&*n shame,
> in my opinion. They were a great company that has supplied
> great products for decades. Someone is probably now selling
> a cheap Chinese imitation made out of recycled pot metal
> and retailing for 90% of the Rohn price!

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