[AMRadio] Tower Construction

Robert Nickels w9ran at oneradio.net
Sun Jun 13 21:59:46 EDT 2004

Yep, so I've heard.  Making crankups must be like making ladders, half the
cost is insurance.  The one I have is about 40 ft. and is 3 sections of
aluminum tower with steel shit in between for the pulleys.  Most of them
were rusted and it cost me a fortune to have new ones welded up.  Still a
cheap tower compared with new.

My main tower is 55' Rohn 25 with the tilt-over in the middle.  Chickenshits
like me don't climb!  But Rohn finally quit making these cuz too many
dumbshits didn't follow instructions and den dey fall down go boom.


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> Hi Brian,
> I am happy to report that Rohn and their products are not dead. A company
> called Radian bought out Rohn.
> See: http://www.rohnnet.com/   for more information. The best news is they
> are restarting the old Rohn manufacturing plant in the Peoria, Il. area.
> I remember correctly someone else bought out Rohn's galvanizing facility
> here in the Peoria area. (I believe it was someone from the Chicago area
> could stand to be corrected)  So Radian is having this company do their
> galvanizing. (again this could stand to be corrected)
> This link will take you to the original Rohn catalog:
> http://www.rohnnet.net/rohnnet2004/html2004/index.html
> Hope this helps.   How many of you remember that Rohn made a crank up
> tower?? I was interested in buying one a few years ago but when I called
> Rohn they would not admit having built one. I finally got some
> on the one I was interested in. It was not rated very high for windload
> it's size so I passed on it. Later I acquired a number of old QST's that
> a number of ads in them for Rohn crank ups. They must have had some
> issues with them.
> 73 Larry WA9VRH
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> > I know that with the Rohn 25G they recommend no more than three sections
> > without guys.  Not sure on the 55G, but it might be on someone's web
> >
> > I heard Rohn went out of business which is a D&*n shame,
> > in my opinion. They were a great company that has supplied
> > great products for decades. Someone is probably now selling
> > a cheap Chinese imitation made out of recycled pot metal
> > and retailing for 90% of the Rohn price!
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