[AMRadio] Re: Tower Construction

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Mon Jun 14 21:58:09 EDT 2004

I have a Rohn HBX lying in sections in the back yard. It's a 56', 
with a BX-8 for the bottom section. I want to put up 40' of it so 
it will stand winds better, but that leaves me with a BX-4 for 
the top, and there's no mounting plates etc for that.

I need to get:
the base section which goes in the 5x5x4' concrete block
a permit
a contractor who knows how to put up antennas.

I will climb it to install a 6M beam and rotor, an B&W NVIS-type 
antenna  arranged like an inverted V, and a 15' vertical whip.

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