[AMRadio] Send your Comment to the FCCabout BPL

Paul Sokoloff dogfaces at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 09:13:47 EDT 2004

Hello All,
    I submitted a comment this morning.  Thank you for providing this info
to the reflector.  I have included some more facts that will help our case.
They are included in the message body below.

Paul Sokoloff

 Here we go...

 1 . goto  http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi

 2.  In box 1 enter 04-37

 3.  Fill in your name address etc.

 4. Enter you thoughts on BPL in the comments section (Send a Brief Comment
 FCC (typed-in) )  perhaps something like :

  In Writing, I wish to dissuade the FCC from allowing BPL to be
implemented. It has been proven, in other countries trying this, that is
does not work well.  Most of the signal sent on the electric lines is
radiated into the air and doesn't reach its destination.  That is why
amplifiers are needed often and close together.  There will be few
subscribers because not only does it interfere with stations operating
legally, but also these legal stations will interfere with it.
   The destruction, or at the least deterioration, of the short-wave bands
is not only a violation of ITU laws that protect international broadcasters
from interference and jamming.  It will be destroying many people's life
hobby. Amateur radio will be reduced to users with high-power amplifiers and
large antennas. Emergency communications will be hindered. The results could
very well be loss of life.   Also, this will hinder military communications,
thus reducing national security.

There are many technologies that make BPL unnecessary. BPL will never be
able to carry the high bandwidth demands for mass distribution of video much
less the up-and-coming HDTV.

Thank You!

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