[AMRadio] W1AW on AM!

Geoff/W5OMR w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Jun 17 22:39:07 EDT 2004

Thought y'all would like to see/read this... I got it from Deacon Dave/W6PSS
down near san Diego, CA.

73 = Best Regards,
Attention world !

The flagship amateur radio station W1AW will officially be on the AM air waves
mid day Friday , June 18 !

Through the wonderful co-operation of many enthusiastic AM  operators, a Johnson
Valiant and NC 303 has been successfully moved by Larry WD9HHN in his 18 wheel
truck from Studio City to St. Louis (Fariview Heights),  in the Heil Hummer to
Dayton,  on to South Bend by in Jeff's van and as we speak in a van driven by
W9AMR and KA9TOC headed for Newington.  An exciting trip for this vintage AM

Friday, June 18 is a historic day in the events of the AMI community.  Thanks to
so many, this is really happening so that any of the visiting operators to W1AW
can once again - or for their very first  time live those golden days of
watching the filaments glow, hearing the transformers buzz and watching  the
modulation meters flicker......to say nothing of 'birdying' (is that a word
Uncle Dave?)....you all know what I mean ....getting that VFO on the recieving
frequency !

How much fun.  Our special thanks to Joe Carcia and all of the ARRL gang for
helping to make this happen.

KA9TOC will be on the air around 3875 this evening on their trip to Newington.
Hopefully the storms will be quiet for a bit so we can contact them .

Best Regards !


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