[AMRadio] Re: Ham-Com is coming in Dallas JUN 18-20.

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sun Jun 20 13:20:11 EDT 2004

Actually the date was the 18th-19th.

As for boatanchors, there was a very clean R390A $450 unsold, a 
couple of Hammarlund (HQ150?), a silver-faced Hallicrafters from 
the 1930's, but in general, not many real boatanchors. I do not 
recall seeing one plate modulated rig except for a couple of old 
CB radios, but I may have missed them, as I went to some of the 

Several tables had long rows of tranceivers, linears, and antenna 
tuners, most were priced too high to sell easily, and remained 
till the end. A few were sold, so as one fellow said, as long as 
the seller covers his expense, it's ok.

There was a wide variety of parts, including some very large air 
variable capacitors, ceramic insulators, and the like, which were 
reasonably priced.

My own haul included a CU-168/FRR antenna coupler. Anyone got a 
schematic on this one?

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