[AMRadio] FS: Be Wise--Accessorize!

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jun 22 09:57:44 EDT 2004

FOR SALE -- A collection of useful accessories for the wise ham.

CDE "Base Station Filter". This is a small brown plastic box with a 3-wire line cord in and 3-wire socket. Inside is an RFI filter (a couple of caps and a torroid transformer). I guess this was to RF filter the line your rotor controller plugs into. Nice original condition. $7

HP 400 VTVM. Old tube-type war-horse often seen in various guises at hamfests. This one has a good front panel but the cabinet has a 1 inch square hole cut out on one side (for ???). 
As-is. $5

Hickok Signal Generator Model "288X without decibel meter" (the front panel actually has that silk-screened on it). Classic old Hickok--reasonably clean and all original. With original manual. Untested. As-is. $19

RCA Service News, Volume 1 Number 1, 1934, nice shape: $10

Card edge-connectors that fit the HAL ST-6 and AFSK-1 type cards. I have 5 of these, used but good. $5

Radio Shack "Standing Wave Bridge & Field Strength Indicator, Forward & Reflected Power Meter". RS catalog number 21-575. This is used but comes with the original box, packaging and whip antenna. It looks like this is good for up to 25 watts. Small. Front panel looks brand new. Box shows some wear. With manual for a similar Lafayette unit. $9

General Radio 5MT3 Bench Variac. This is rated 0-140V @ 5A. Classic 3-wire unit in small GR cabinet with handle. The Variac knob, on/off toggle switch and red RESET button are the only controls. Dial calibrated 0-140. Some cleaning required but this is in nice looking and working condition. $40.

Heathkit GP-11 mobile vibrator power supply for the Twoer, Sixer, Tener and CBer lunchbox transceivers. Has paint chips at edges but still looks good. Untested. As-is. $10

Drake 52 ohm 100 watt TV-42-LP 100 watt low-pass filter. Small version of bigger brother in copper-plated case. Excellent and shiny. $6

Hallicrafters SX-25 Super Defiant manual copy. Excellent copy with oversize schematics. $5

Hallicrafters HT-37 original manual with extras. Manual covers are ratty. Extras include a Halli brochure titled "Crystal Control of the HT-32, -32A and -37 for Novice Use", a single sheet titled "Frequency Shifter for HT-32, -32A and -37" to get the VFO out to 4025kc to permit MARS use of these rigs. There is also a letter on Hallicrafters letterhead discussing MARS use of these radios. All $10.

Hallicrafters S-40 Service Bulletin Number 1. In perfect shape with fold-out schematic. Original: $9 PPD

Military ARR-27 receiver R-267. These were used for some sort of pre-AWACS radar relay, I think, during the 1950's. Beautifully built, with cabinet, designed for aircraft mount. $22.

Heathkit PM-2 Mobile Tuning Meter. Relative power meter with magnet mount in classic Heathkit 2-tone green. All original and in nice shape. Would match up nicely with the Cheyenne 
transmitter. $13 PPD

General Radio Type 716-C Capacitance Bridge. The front panel of this unit has one paint scrape slightly larger than a quarter in the upper right quadrant where it looks like some tag was ground off. Otherwise, once cleaned, the front panel will look excellent. The cabinet has many scrapes and stains. Using this unit must have required an external generator and an external detector because this does not seem to have those functions built-in. All original with no broken parts or problems of any kind that I see. Handles that used to be on sides of cabinet are missing. Probably weighs 30 pounds. $19

Teleplex wind-up Morse code training machine. This pre-dates the Instructograph, I think. But it is the same principle. Case covering is in good shape. But metal fittings are rusty. With one paper tape and crank handle. Untested. $10

Instructograph. This is the only one of these I have ever seen that works. Both motor and oscillator seem to be working as designed. It has 10 Continental code paper tapes with it numbered 1 through 10--and the tapes do actually play. But the motor speed control is poor. Looks good too. Oscillator can be used separately for code practice. Binding posts for key and hi-z phones (not included). $15

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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