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> Hello-
>     I have noticed over the years that the 6BE6's I test when pulling
> out during restorations do seem to be reading lower on TV-7 tester.I
> to use the JAN 5750, and have some 5915's, but as I recall the 5915 is in
> taller envelope. I need to double check on the 5915's, have not tried any
> yet. Thanks, Byron WA5THJ


Your comment about the 5915 envelope made me look to see.  From what I can
tell all subs for the 6BE6 are the same size.  I have and RCA receiving tube
manual but not all the suggested subs are in it.

I looked for all of them at the following site:
and each of them utilize the same envelope.  I posted this because it is a
valuable resource for me and maybe someone else can use it.  The nice thing
is, when you put in a tube number, you will receive substitute information
and each sub is linked to the data for that individual tube sub.  Not only
that, the site is much more comprehensive then any individual manual I have

73  Jim
de W5JO

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