[AMRadio] Re: [Collins] Hamvention 2004

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun May 16 18:47:34 EDT 2004

I was unable to make it this year, due to time factor.  Wonder how the AM 
forum went?  I recall last year attendance was down.  Was it even lower this 

It  used to never get rained out, back when they held it the 3rd weekend in 
April.  Then someone got the brilliant idea of moving it to the 4th weekend 
in April, and it rained practically every year.  So they moved it to May to 
escape the rain and cold, and although there have been a  couple of 
rain-free events,  weather still seems to be a problem.

Apparently, the 3rd weekend in April by some quirk of nature turns out to 
usually be dry in that little corner of the world.  After they moved it to 
the 4th weekend, I used to ask locals what the weather was like the week 
before, and inevitabley they would respond that the weather was fine then; 
that would have been a good weekend to have had the hamfest.  Of course that 
third weekend would sometimes be cold, and I have seen snow,  but the 
fleamarket rarely shut down.  I recall one year in their brochure they 
mentioned that in 22 years the hamfest had been rained out only twice.  I 
suspect that rain-free weekend in April is one factor in Dayton becoming 
such a ham radio mecca.  Too bad someone had to mess with the date.


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