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Missed you at Dayton this year.

The AM Forum went well.  We were in Meeting Rm #2.  Not so cavernous as one
of the big rooms.  We had 65 attendees.  Happily the PC projector worked
well and Don, K1DC's presentation of his restoration of the Collins 30-FX
was a high point.

Friday looked threatening from time to time, but was a mild day and a good
one for the flea market.  As previously noted Sunday was surprisingly busy
and very nice WX.


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> I was unable to make it this year, due to time factor.  Wonder how the AM
> forum went?  I recall last year attendance was down.  Was it even lower
> year?
> It  used to never get rained out, back when they held it the 3rd weekend
> April.  Then someone got the brilliant idea of moving it to the 4th
> in April, and it rained practically every year.  So they moved it to May
> escape the rain and cold, and although there have been a  couple of
> rain-free events,  weather still seems to be a problem.
> Apparently, the 3rd weekend in April by some quirk of nature turns out to
> usually be dry in that little corner of the world.  After they moved it to
> the 4th weekend, I used to ask locals what the weather was like the week
> before, and inevitabley they would respond that the weather was fine then;
> that would have been a good weekend to have had the hamfest.  Of course
> third weekend would sometimes be cold, and I have seen snow,  but the
> fleamarket rarely shut down.  I recall one year in their brochure they
> mentioned that in 22 years the hamfest had been rained out only twice.  I
> suspect that rain-free weekend in April is one factor in Dayton becoming
> such a ham radio mecca.  Too bad someone had to mess with the date.
> -k4kyv
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