[AMRadio] Thordarson Transformer ID

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Tue May 25 14:15:22 EDT 2004

  That seems like the dimensions of mine.  Let me check this evening when I
go up to the Collins Radio Center.

  Thank you for all you assistance.

  Oh, one more thing, when do you suppose this transformer was manufactured?

  Dave, W3ST
  Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
  Publisher of the Collins Journal
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  > >   Yes, that is the exact physical size.
  > >   Any more particulars like size, etc.
  > >
  > >   I could probably match the size with the voltage output.
  > >
  > This unit is a model T-15P2 1690 watts.  I can't find it in my old
catalog.  Also it is called a "Multi Volt" for
  > various outputs.  I also discovered it can run either 120 or 220 volts
by moving a tap on the primary side.  It is about
  > 12" long, 7.5" wide and 9" tall.  Probably weighs about 90 to 100 lbs.
Feels like more with my aching back.
  > Preston Gaddis who originally owned the Bartlesville Kilowatt ran a pair
of 304TL's, among a few other varieties.
  > According to log entries, etc., his output was in the KW range, so I
suspect he ran around 2800 - 3000vdc on the plates
  > using this transformer.
  > I thought I had the specs on this thing, but can't seem to remember
where I saw them.  Maybe someone on the list has
  > them.
  > As mentioned by someone else, it would be easy enough to determine the
output with some test voltage, however the "Multi
  > Volt" taps might be difficult to decipher!
  > Brian/w5ami
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