[AMRadio] Finder's Fee

David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Mon May 31 16:50:28 EDT 2004

I may offer a 75A-4 with matching speaker to whomever is successful in negotiating a sales agreement for the CRA for  a complete, working Collins T-440/URT-24.  Must be in very good to excellent condition.

Someone told me that in the Philadelphia area a few years ago there were three of these units that were sold to several hams.  Where are they now?
We would like to obtain one for the Collins Radio Center to match up with the Collins 20V-3.

See http://mysite.verizon.net/res17bfm/Collins/index.htm

OK, now search those barns and old storage sheds.

I hope that you don't think that I am going over the edge!


Dave, W3ST
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
Publisher of the Collins Journal

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