[AMRadio] FS: Command Set Stuff, Sevick Book, 1933 ARRL Hbk

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Nov 1 09:14:44 EST 2004

For Sale. As usual, eBay is the next stop for this list of items. All prices plus shipping. 

Command Set Receiver Rack: Black wrinkle 3-receiver rack made by ARC for the ARA series receivers (same footprint and connectors as ARC-5). Includes the distribution box on the back. Many paint dings and chips but the rack still looks good. The thumb nuts and metal tabs to hold the radios in the rack are mostly missing. The fuses and fuse holder covers are missing from the distribution box. These racks have gotten REALLY hard to find. The last one I sold on eBay went for $308. This one is $249.

Command set rack connectors. $7 each. All are used but in good shape.

8-pin goes from RX rack dist box to RX remote control.
6-pin used to chain RX racks together (2 to sell)
Two 6-pin RX rack connectors with wiring between them ($14)
5-pin goes from TX rack to RE-2 relay
12-pin modulator to TX rack (2 to sell)
18-pin modulator to TX control box (modulator end)
8-pin connector in a different pattern from the one above. Not sure where these go. (3 to sell)

BC-543-B SCR-274N command set receiver (190-550kc, aluminum finish) with unoriginal spline knob and a nicely-made homebrew power supply in a minibox that uses the correct connector to plug into the rear of the RX. RX has the usual ham mods but no unoriginal holes. All original connectors are still useable. Dyno mounts are intact. Nice looking set. Untested. $40

C-43/ARC-5 control box part unit. Missing some lever switches and "increase output" controls. The wiring inside has been hacked. Nice paint. Worth restoring. $15

Dynamotors: I have 2 black wrinkle dynamotors that fit the command set receivers physically. But they were really designed for the AIC interphone system and the output voltage is too high for a command set receiver--285V. It's a shame because these look almost brand new. They might be useable with a dropping resistor or other mod to reduce the voltage. $30/pair.

Book: Jerry Sevick, W2FMI, Transmission Line Transformers, ARRL, 1987, nice hardback. $8. Excellent, practical book. Written about as straight-forward as you can get for this type of material. Postage: $2 media mail.

ARRL 1933 Handbook $5. It's hard to imagine a handbook being more beat-up than this one. The front cover is a mess and the back cover is missing. Still, it is intact with no loose pages and quite useable. Full of great ideas for 1930's glowbugs. Postage: $2 media mail.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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