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Tue Nov 2 19:44:26 EST 2004

Hi Byron: 144.400 is still legal but you wont make any friends 10 KHz down.
Their FM receivers are lots wider than our AM receivers, in general.
I have ground some crystals for 144.320 and 144.360 MHz ( one calling and
one working freq.) Remember though, most AM receivers are tunable so you can 
work "cross frequency" if you can get their attention. I too have a TV-7
FAA Tx (had 2 and gave one to a friend).

I have worked Texas many times before on CW and SSB, especially in the 
summer but we usually have a few openings in January or Feb. Let me know if
you hear anything or would like a schedule.  Good luck on AM.

73 DE Charlie,  K0NG  ..

Quoting Byron Tatum <bjtatum at ev1.net>:

> Hello-
>     I am getting my 2 meter antenna system back up and running. One thing I
> have played around with is surplus FAA AM gear that can be operated on
> 144.400 Mhz. Although I made only pre-arranged contacts in the past I was
> curious if there are any reports of 144 Mhz. activity in the Houston, TX.
> area ?
>     I have crystalled up several different pieces of equipment on the AM
> calling freq. of 144.400 Mhz. I have heard that this calling freq. cannot be
> used in some area due to interference from other modes. I guess I will find
> out soon but I thought I would ask.
>     Right now I am working on a surplus FAA airband transceiver, it is solid
> state and crystal controlled, but appears will do nicely for 144 AM. Hate to
> invest in crystals I can't use! This unit is the TRX-102, a 1972 era design
> that has a good sensitive receiver and about 5-7 watts out.If others are
> interested I have written down the conversion info.
>     I do have a few nice tube-type 50 watt plate modulated AM transmitters
> that cover 144 Mhz easily, these are the TV-6. They have a 4X150 final
> modulated by a pair of 6146's. These units are beautifully built with all
> sealed transformers, about 3' tall rackmount, about 130 lbs. I have one set
> up on 144.400 that easily puts out 50 watts of nice sounding AM. I believe I
> have 2 or 3 checked out and wrapped up in protective coverings in my
> shop.Have a full manual for it too.Have an extra tube-type receiver {RV-12}
> that does fairly well when crystalled and tuned on 144 Mhz.
>     Anyway, I would like to find some AM friends for 144 Mhz, my antenna
> system will be high performance { pair of 18 ele. yagis at 100'} so will have
> 250 mile plus range.
>     Thanks, Byron WA5THJ, located in Alvin.
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