[AMRadio] 10 meter AM

Mike Duke, K5XU k5xu at jam.rr.com
Wed Nov 3 18:25:11 EST 2004


Don't let the low power of the cb rigs discourage you. Get one going on 29.0 
or above up to 29.1, and keep trying for contacts.

I have had 2 different converted rigs, one old Radio Shack 23 channel ssb/am 
unit in the late 70s with which I worked almost all states and many 
countries with a dipole. The other is an 40 channel am only Sharp unit from 
about 1980. I still have it, and it works very well. It tunes from 28.965 - 
29.405, using the standard cb channel spacing.

Someday I will get ambitious and add at least one extra crystal so that I 
can park it on 29.0 for monitoring purposes.

I also have an old Viking Messenger, but it needs lots of work. 
Unfortunately, it was the cb model, not the original one for 10 meters.

Mike, K5XU

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