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Wed Nov 3 19:44:15 EST 2004

Hi Tony, nice to talk to you today, I told Jane you enjoyed the wine, she said she has a bottle in the ref., too bad your not here to have a glass with her since I don't drink wine. 

If you can't find the Harris inductor, you may want to consider using only half of the tuner, i.e. one inductor/cap and FLOAT the tuner with the one leg of the feedline going to the normal output terminal and the other leg to chassis ground. You have to use a 1:1 balum on the INPUT.  I have done this with 3 unbalance tuners with good results. Of course, the true balanced tuner is still the best way to go. I prefer the linked coupled type vs. the dual inductors type since common mode BC signal can be a problem if your are near high power AM BC stations.

73's Butch

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