[AMRadio] 10 meter AM

Mike Duke, K5XU k5xu at jam.rr.com
Wed Nov 3 23:09:48 EST 2004

Jim and others,

I too have made a few contacts above 29.1 and below 29.0 near the peak of 
good conditions.

I haven't made any am contacts near 28.8 since the early 70s. I still have 
my old crystal that I ran for 28.825 with my original Viking Ranger when I 
was in high school.

These days, unless there's a contest or unless conditions are really great, 
you won't find much ssb above 28.6, and even less above 28.7.

I bet it won't take one weekend of operating much below 29.0 for some ssb 
cop to start screaming about us being illegal because we're out of our band 

Let'um holler! If I find any AM on 10 meters, I'll answer it.

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