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George Pritchard gpritchard at comtechpst.com
Thu Nov 4 13:52:40 EST 2004

The HTX-10 is a winner on AM. Audio sounds very nice even with the stock
mic. I love mine. Current draw is low and works great with an amplifier,
going from the 7 watt carrier to 70 watts with most good amplifiers. I
worked Japan with that rig in the truck a few years ago! When 10 is open, 7
watts is at least 5-5 anywhere in the country.
George AB2KC

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Thank you to everyone who replied.  I have a good place to start. 
Going to order crystals for 29.0 and 29.1 next week, then start the retuning
after they are received.

An old ham friend of mine in Georgia just gave me a RS HTX-10 mobile, which
also has AM.  I will try playing with that until the CB to 10m
conversion is done.    But tube rigs still sound better to me!

BTW: Been seeing a lot of good DX on the FM end of the 10m band lately.  I
run converted commercial gear on 29 MHz FM, and run the 10m fm list on Yahoo
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AR29MHz-FM/> but have been wanting to play on
10m AM too.  This will be a good start.  

I work professionally in the two-way radio business as a Master Technician
at the factory in Lynchburg, VA, and know all too well how easy it is to get
burned-out and not want to tinker with amateur radio as a hobby.  (I was
that way for years...)  But I grew-up listing to stories recounted by my
Elmer (Santiago, WA4KSD) of the 50's heyday of 10m & 6m AM Phone.  By mostly
staying off the 2 & 440 repeater bands and doing something a tad different,
the hobby is still fun. 

Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
Monroe, VA

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