[AMRadio] B&W Dial Scale

Chuck Kembring kembring at epix.net
Fri Nov 5 18:35:28 EST 2004

	Mine is pretty shabby, I'd like to get one of your creations! Please give
me the details and thanks.
Chuck Kembring	WB3LGG
2901 Highpoint Road
Cochranville, Pa. 19330-1818

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Some time back I posted to see if anyone had the Dial Scale for a B&W 5100B?

No one had one, so I managed to get mine off and make a copy of it.  As I
recall someone was looking for the same thing and because of a computer
glitch, I lost the message.

So if anyone needs a copy, let me know.  I will send them to you for the
cost of copy and mail.  I had mine made on 110# card stock and it is pretty
clean and white.  Now to just get it on the VFO without screwing up.

73  Jim
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