[AMRadio] FS: More Command Set Miscellany

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 9 14:09:29 EST 2004


   As a Central Electronics 20a user I have two
BC-458's converted to be used as a vfo for the 20a. I
have a strange problem with one of these, and I am
hoping the group has some experience with this. On one
of these BC-458's the tuning knob apparently has
backlash. When zero beating a carrier, the VFO is
erratic while tuning. Once you find a zero beat the
thing is stable. I also noticed that this problem gets
progressively better with the VFO tune "lock"
tightened down until the VFO knob is pretty hard to
turn. The mechanisms are fairly simple, but I fear the
solution may not be. Anybody with Command transmitter
experience have any input with this problem?

--- Merz Donald S <merz.ds at mellon.com> wrote:

> For Sale
> R-11A receiver. This is form the post-war command
> set series that is painted gray and has no local
> tuning controls. The R-11A is the one that covers
> 190kc-550kc. This one has had 2 of the front panel
> connectors removed. But it is otherwise complete,
> and aside from a few paint chips, looks good. Uses
> 85kc IFs just like the original. $21
> BC-459A Transmitter parts set. This covers 7-9.1mc.
> Black wrinkle. It has a goodly number of ham mods
> including several unoriginal front panel holes. It
> has no tubes and the snap-on tube cover is missing.
> The roller inductor is present--but the little arm
> with the roller is missing--go figure. The nicest
> thing about it is that that black wrinkle cover that
> encloses the chassis is all original and in
> excellent condition. This radio has restoration
> potential or use as a parts set. $15
> BC-454-B 3-6mc receiver. Aluminum. This has beaucoup
> ham mods but no unoriginal front panel holes. It is
> missing the snap-on tube cover. The dynamotor and
> rear connectors are original but the dyno connector
> pins have been soldered-to. With all tubes and
> coils. $18
> 3-pin modulator power connector for the MD-7/ARC-5.
> Probably also works with the Army version. Has a
> short 2 foot cable. $10
> 8-pin connector for the ARC-5 remote control boxes
> with 3 foot laced cable attached. $8
> A stack of junked-out 3-6mc ARC-5 and ARA receivers
> for parts. Some are missing coils, some missing
> tubes. All are drilled and cut quite a bit. $5 each
> Command set crystals--for calibrating the
> transmitters. these are the ones that look like
> metal tubes with a little "hat" used as a pull. Let
> me know what frequency you need. $3 each.
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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