[AMRadio] Numbers Stations - NPRs slant

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Sat Nov 13 07:20:09 EST 2004

   Funny how NPR and the liberal media freaks mentioned in the story can take
something like a UTE such as a number station and turn it in to a cult!  I
remember when I actually liked listening to NPR. Even 'A Prarie Home Companion'
has gone sour like a bad compost heap. Bummer.

   Number stations were certainly used for clandestine applications. But also
there are more innocuous uses. For example, maritime operators and other
private industry used number groups to send company (i.e. private) information.
Only intended recipients could decode the groups into anthing meaningful.

  One might contend  "Why use such primitive means in this day of computers?" 
Have you ever worked in an office or other bureaucracy where you see how
something could be done simpler or better? But no one in the office wants to
change, or it takes a long time for something to change. This is the same kind
of latency or inertia. Business usually has to repond a little quicker than

   Ultimately, sending number groups is real simple.  The music you hear at the
begining of some of the number groups is purposely poppy, sugar sweet or just
plain annoying to make it easily  recognizeable to the intended audience. 

   Number ststions seemed to be more abundant before the end of the USSR. So
was woodpecker jamming and 'over the horizon' radar jamming of SWBC.  I almost
miss the buzz saw sound blanketing parts of the spectrum. It was a real
challenge to hear a station under such a barrage.  Around 1989 it all sort of
just stopped.

   de KA4JVY


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