[AMRadio] NPR, one solution for lousy radio

Larry Roohr kz0e at comcast.net
Sat Nov 13 10:23:26 EST 2004

Alan Cohen wrote:

> In any case, it is certainly a lot more interesting than the usual 
> radio fare.  It sure beats the likes of morning drive blatherers like 
> Howard Stern and Don Imus, the right wing echo chamber of Limbaugh and 
> Hanity, the semi-automatic no-personality bad music juke boxes that 
> populate the FM band, and 99% of the other garbage on commercial radio 
> these days.
> Alan Cohen

Amen. Hard to find anything worth listening to these days, npr is a 
broadcasting breath of fresh air wether you agree with the slant or not, 

I've gone so far as to build a part 15 transmitter so I can listen to 
streaming internet stations on my old radios. www.live365.com has the 
Jack Benny show streaming, what a hoot. Also radio.grassyhill.com is a 
folk music non-profit in Connecticut that plays a lot of local 
recordings along with more familiar acoustic fare. I also run solo cello 
music from a cd, sounds great on the old sets.

In case anyone is interested this transmitter is excellent and easy to 
throw together:


It actually sounds good and gets around the house quite well. I built 
the 'lil 7 transmitter earlier and was not happy with it, may have been 
my fault but I didnt take the time to dig into it.


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