[AMRadio] Numbers Stations

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Nov 13 11:35:36 EST 2004

On 13 Nov 2004 at 4:20, Mark Foltarz wrote:

>    Funny how NPR and the liberal media freaks mentioned in the story can
> take
> something like a UTE such as a number station and turn it in to a cult! 
> I
> remember when I actually liked listening to NPR. Even 'A Prarie Home
> Companion'
> has gone sour like a bad compost heap. Bummer.

He he - and we KNOW that Rush and the extremists on his 
side would NEVER exaggerate or mis-represent anything, LOL!

Some of it is just lack of experience by folks who are not 
full-time shortwave enthiusiasts trying to report on 
something mysterious that they know very little about.

There is just no substitute for 3 or 4 decades of radio 
listening experience. Especially if you have lived on more than 
one continent!

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