[AMRadio] NPR, one solution for lousy radio

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Sat Nov 13 21:52:50 EST 2004

The ramsey stuff don't work worth a crap.

I got a real nice 1 watt synthesized transmitter with a digital
frequency readout, nice stereo separation and good fidelity.
With an outside antenna, it goes blocks, never tried to figure
out just how far.
1 watt with a good antenna should go miles.

I tried cordless headphones, the ramsey stuff, and other FM 
transmitter kits, and the range was lousy.
I like to wander around while listening, go out back of the house and smoke,
make some tea, etc (plenty of old buzzards on the air!).

The transmitter was about $100.00 but its very well made, and very clean.
Its not a kit, and has a very large heat sink.
It has no case, just the display mounted on a circuit board,
you push buttons to change frequency and other options, the back
of the board holds the heat sink.

There used to be a lot of the same things on ebay, I have not looked

A cordless mike with some sort of remote keying of the transmitter would be
you could be out mowing the lawn and on the air...



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>I've gone so far as to build a part 15 transmitter so I can listen to 
>streaming internet stations on my old radios.

I have been looking for something that puts a stable, full fidelity stereo 
signal on the FM band so I can retransmit streaming audio throughout the 
house and pick it up on any of the FM radios.  Preferably, frequency 
synthesised with crystal controlled clock oscillator.

Someone told me about an excellent kit made in England, but when I checked 
on it, the cost of shipping it from UK was almost as much as the kit itself.

  Last time I checked, Ramsey Electronics had a kit also.

Has anyone tried the Ramsey kit, or know of any other fairly inexpensive 
unit (< $100)?

It's getting so there is more stuff available over the computer than on the 
shortwave bands, but right now I have to be in the room with the computer to

listen.  I'd like to be able to enjoy these stations the same as over the 
air stations.

I'm surprised the computer manufacturers aren't making something for this 
specific purpose, under Part 15 regs.  I have seen tiny transmitters 
designed to replay handheld units through a big stereo, but according to the

ads, their range is limited to about 10 feet.  I need something that covers 
a radius of  a couple hundred feet.


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